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What is this ?

1. Identification

You identify a maximum number of objects with these personalized and anonymous stickers.

2. Loss

You lose an identified object and it is found.

3. Localization

The finder sends your code to our voice mail or enters it on our web site.

4. Alarm

Immediately, you are alerted by e-mail and SMS about the localization of your object.


5. Return

You contact the finder and decide on a way of returning the object.



The +

Good quality stickers that speak for themselves :


- The information on the stickers is attractive, clear and visible: the finder knows what he has to do to find you, and you remain anonymous at all time.


- Tough: the stickers are robust ,wear-proof and stick both to sleek and rough surfaces.


- Delivered in large quantities and in different sizes, the stickers are easy to apply.



Guaranteed anonymity :

- Young children, single women, older people, businessmen, salespeople, no matter your age, your situation or your status, never leave visible information on your personal belongings that can lead to your identification. No matter their value, objects such as garments, telephones or laptop computers, keys, bicycles, confidential company documents,… must, in no case, divulge information concerning you or your company because you never know who can get their hands on it.


- Our service allows you to remain unknown to the finder. No information is ever available to the finder. Only you have his telephone number or his email in order to reach him, if you so wish, anonymously.


- Even the restitution of the object can be made anonymously (in a post office, at the police station, at the service counter of a department store,…)


- You are safe !


How does it work ?

--> You just bought a board STICKERS FOR SECURING YOUR OBJECTS

  • Activate your stickers with the code listed above

  • By activating your stickers, you will receive a confirmation email
  • Stick these stickers on your mobile phone, camera, wallet, tablet, passport, ... Wherever you need it!
  • If you lose an item and someone finds it, you will automatically receive an email and a SMS with coordinates "nice finder" and it will do more than contact



--> You just have to find an object with a stickers UPPER SECURE

Some figures :

4 to 10

times more chances (depending on the value of the object) to find the owner of a well-identified object versus an unidentified object.


found objects contain sufficient information to be returned to their owner.


identified objects are kept by the finder. This amount climbs to 26% if the object is not identified.


average recovery for well-identified objects versus 15% for unidentified objects


objects lost per year per person in general (no statistics for young children).


finders contact the owner themselves if the object is identified well. This amount falls to 1% in the case of unidentified objects.


A feeling of ownership and a civic gesture  :

- We have conducted behaviour studies with 1000 people in three countries (France, Germany and Canada). When objects of low or average value are found (gloves, books, bags, umbrellas, sunglasses,…) nearly 15% of the people interviewed have indicated that simply the fact that an object is identified or not creates or inhibits a feeling of ownership towards the object. If the object is clearly identified as belonging to someone else, then it does not belong to me and I must return it! In doing so, I feel good about my civic gesture.

- On the contrary, very nice sunglasses, a very interesting book or an umbrella left on the table next to mine at the restaurant will become mine if the owner left incognito.

- Finally, the decision to return or keep the found object is quite often made within seconds. Clear identification will reinforce the person’s conviction, and an easy way to return the object after finding it will maintain it. How is this possible? Difficult ways of finding the owner can discourage even the most honest person who will think : “Too complicated, I’ll just keep it!”



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Découvrez la nouvelle collection de stickers pour carte de crédit, signée Valerie Nylin Valerie Nylin


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Découvrez notre nouvelle collection de stickers pour CARTE DE CREDIT, signée:

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Whith our new software, you would, in few hours, be able to customize the most of our accessories with your own photos: stickers credit card, skin iPhone, iPad, Macbook, hanger bag, key hanger, bpills box, ...

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